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You will explore some of the key issues of enterprise including: innovation, effective corporate governance and social responsibility. You will then review the effective management of knowledge and intellectual capital of the organisation. This module also examines the contribution that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) make to the economy in terms of innovation and knowledge creation.

Explore aspects of internal resource management while examining the broader financial context in which companies operate. Budgetary control, working capital management and investment appraisal will also be investigated. Your emphasis of this module will be on the analysis and interpretation of financial data to aid management decision-making rather than technical preparation of data.

This module will enable you to appreciate how marketing strategies can contribute to the success of the business. You will consider the 'mechanics' of marketing strategy i.e. the models and concepts that are used in developing and implementing valid strategies. In exploring how marketing strategies are developed you will engage with contemporary marketing themes and issues such as relationship marketing,branding and e-marketing.