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Computer Literacy is the starting point in the IT world.  This course introduces students to the workings of the Windows Operating System as well as Microsoft Office software such as  Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint along with a brief history and introduction to the internet.  Students will gain confidence using Office applications and understand features that help maximize their productivity.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Introduction to Office 2016
  • Working with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access Basics
  • Customizing and Securing Office

The CCNA certification will give students experience with the latest technical knowledge of CISCO LAN and WAN routers and switches. Students will learn to configure a network to increase bandwidth, improve response times and enhance reliability and quality of service. This course meets the most recent CISCO CCNA certification objectives.

Advanced Website Development places emphasis on the importance of careful planning as the key to a successful website. Students will learn to create webpages to include text, images, hyperlinks, lists, tables, frames and forms using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Identifying fundamental concepts of computer security, security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Describing network security
  • Implementing managing applications, data, and host security
  • Describing access control, authentication, account management and compliance & operational security
  • Performing basic risk management
  • Managing security incidents
  • Describing business continuity and disaster recovery planning

The Adobe CS6 is a powerful, industry-standard, suite of programs for image editing and manipulation, print and online graphic creation and desktop publishing.  Students will learn to combine knowledge of three robust design programs in the suite with design theory - the information needed to create graphic compositions that successfully organise images, text and space to arouse viewer interest and communicate client messages.  This course explores options for producing advanced visual solutions and effects for your artwork and teaches how to work with multiple pieces of software simultaneously and which program is most suitable when producing work for commercial printing or web publishing.

Fundamentals of Computer Repairs is a practical course that allows participants to understand how computers work by focusing on various components and operating systems. This course acts as a prerequisite to the internationally recognised CompTIA A+ certification course.

This course teaches IT professionals how they can enhance the security of the IT infrastructure that they administer.

This course teaches IT professionals how they can enhance the security of the IT infrastructure that
they administer. It begins by emphasizing the importance of assuming that network breaches have
occurred already and then teaches you how to protect administrative credentials and rights to
ensure that administrators can perform only the tasks that they need to, when they need to. This
course also details how you can mitigate malware threats, identify security issues by using auditing
and the Advanced Threat Analysis feature in Windows Server 2016, secure your virtualization
platform, and use new deployment options, such as Nano server and containers to enhance security.
It explains how you can help protect access to files by using encryption and dynamic access control,
and how you can enhance your network’s security.

This course takes participants on a journey through the various stages of a hacking attack, or equally a penetration test, from initial information discovery and target scanning through to exploitation, privilege escalation and retaining access.

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