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Welcome to Electronic Principles - a core EDEXCEL unit in your HND EEE programme.This unit guides a learner towards an understanding of the devices, circuits, and systems that process signals in the analog world. Key to being able to make good sense of what you will encounter is a working knowledge of courses you have undertaken in the past such as Engineering Science and Electrical and Electronic Principles.

In this course you will learn about a small but very important set of semiconductor devices that form the basis for many useful electronic gadgets and systems. You will explore their characteristics, consider applications, and apply testing procedures to measure important parameters.Your ability to comprehend the specifications found in manufacturer's data sheets enables you to check your test results and to effectively use these tiny silicon marvels in your circuit designs.

Next you will study the ways in which semiconductor devices are combined with passive components to form electronic circuits that provide many useful functions in consumer appliances and industrial control equipment. Leading the way will be the discrete analog amplifier built around BJTs and FETs in a wide variety of configurations. This part of your studies culminates with a look at the versatile and very popular μA 741 operational amplifier. Along your learning path you explore the principle of negative feedback and understand how it enhances amplifier performance and you analyze, design, build, and test amplifiers using discrete transistors as well as ICs.

Your work continues with a look at another fundamental building block of electronic systems viz. the electronic oscillator - essentially an amplifier employing positive feedback coupled with a passive network that determines the oscillation frequency. You will be given the opportunity to design such an oscillator and test its performance in the lab.You then round off your studies with an exposure to the simple, accurate, and ubiquitous quartz crystal oscillator - the hearbeat of modern digital systems.

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