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Production and operations management is concerned with the design, planning and control of operating systems for the provision of goods and services. This course provides students with knowledge and understanding of the nature and characteristics of operating systems in both the manufacturing and service sectors. This will enable students
to identify the key issues involved in the management of operating systems and the relationship between strategic objectives and operational objectives. The course also highlights the interaction between operations management
and the finance, marketing and manpower functions.

This course introduces students to the increasingly important area of consumer behaviour. It deals with the decision making process that results in the choice and purchase of goods and services.

An introduction to the design,planning and control of operating systems

This offers a foundation in financial and management accounting.

This course provides an understanding of the implications of changes in the global organisation of firms and the international workforce for human resource management policy choices.

This course gives students a critical understanding of the marketing media industry and its structure. The course articulates the changing nature of the relationship the media industry has with its clients in profit and non-profit sector(s). The Marketing Industry and Modern Society will allow students to analyse the strategic motivations of profit and non-profit organisations and how marketing media support these strategic objectives.

This course examines the management and organisation of business enterprise in Europe.

This course provides an overview of the development of key players on the international economic stage.

This course develops conceptual and theoretical frameworks for understanding the behaviour of individuals and groups within organisations